Sustaining and Strategic
Presentation Larry Schmitt

The definition of sustaining and strategic innovation, opportunities and systems is key to understanding what companies should focus on. Get […]

Inside the Green Box
White Paper Larry Schmitt

Thank you for visiting this page. The Innovation Whitepaper, Inside the Green Box will be available shortly.  Here’s a preview […]

The Case for Strategic Innovation
Innovation QI Larry Schmitt

    Highlights Companies that are good at strategic innovation reap superior economic returns. Strategic innovation requires distinct capabilities and […]

Remembering Clayton Christensen
Larry Schmitt

The first time I saw Clayton Christensen speak was at the Front End of Innovation conference in the early 2000’s. […]

Governing Innovation: The recipe for portfolio growth
Article Larry Schmitt

Frameworks and taxonomies bring clarity and order to complex practices. This is nowhere more true than in the practice of […]

Breaking Down the Barriers to Innovation
Article Larry Schmitt

Businesses aren’t getting the impact they want from innovation because of ‘the day-to-day routines and rituals that stifle innovation’. Every […]

Real Innovation Requires More Than an R&D Budget
Article Larry Schmitt

What is the relationship between a company’s R&D spending and economic returns. Is it correlated (positive or negative). Is there […]

Corporate Startup Collaboration – An Overview
Presentation Brian Christian

In this overview for Corporate/Startup Collaboration, Brian Christian, one of the Managing Partners of The Inovo Group, shows us how […]