Sustaining and Strategic Innovation
Presentation Inovo

The definition of sustaining and strategic innovation, opportunities and systems is key to understanding what companies should focus on. Get […]

Using the Innovator’s Toolkit to Create Foresight-based Options-driven Strategy
Innovation QI Larry Schmitt

Highlights Strategy and innovation should be intimately entwined – both are ways a company thinks about and creates its future. […]

Innovation in Pandemic Times
Short Take Larry Schmitt

It’s clear that there will be major changes caused by the COVID-19 pandemic, but what will these changes be and […]

Benchmarking Innovation Impact 2020
Short Take Larry Schmitt

This survey from KPMG, like most regular innovation surveys, is a good touchstone for (the seemingly slow) progress in the […]

The Big Hairy Challenge with Separating Innovation from the Core Business
Short Take Larry Schmitt

One of the decisions large companies need to make about how to structure their innovation efforts is the amount of […]

The Art of Innovation
Short Take Larry Schmitt

In this interview with Steve Blank, one of the most pernicious issues for innovation researchers and practitioners is discussed. That […]

Innovation Isn’t Voluntary
Short Take Larry Schmitt

Jim McKelvey is the co-founder (along with Jack Dorsey) of Square, one of the most successful, and disruptive, Fintech startups.  […]

Dual-path Strategy
Presentation Brian Christian

A presentation given at the Innov8rs Unconference It is no secret that most business strategies today are more like operating […]