Freelance Contractor – Research and Innovation

The Inovo Group is looking to qualify new freelance contractors as candidates for upcoming projects. We are a management consultancy helping large, technology-oriented companies find and develop transformational growth opportunities. Our network of contractors is an essential part of how we serve customers and accommodate demand for future innovation projects. We are looking for individuals skilled in things such as secondary and online research and MS Office tools (e.g., Excel, Word and PowerPoint), with the ability to grasp new software and tools quickly.

If you are interested in being considered, please contact Jessica Flood at


Innovation Analyst Intern

Inovo seeks a flexible, highly motivated intern to assist with client projects at our organization. The ideal candidate will have a mind for details and a deftness with technology. Research is core to what we do and requires an intelligent consumer and curator of information.

The intern’s responsibilities include participating in many aspects of our client project work. These activities will include but not be limited to:

  1.  Secondary research – Building understanding of new business areas and opportunities through online research
  2.  Community building – Finding organizations and individuals who hold valuable knowledge and connecting with them to schedule conversations
  3.  Ideation – Using knowledge of technologies, market needs, and existing solutions to conceive of new solution possibilities
  4.  Business analysis – Using critical thinking and market analysis to paint a quantitative and qualitative picture of possible business options
  5.  Wisdom of crowds analysis – Using Inovo’s software tools for capturing the ‘wisdom of crowds’ and analyzing this data for the purpose of decision-making
  6.  Communications – Crafting a compelling narrative and conveying concisely what matters in deciding among alternatives and taking action
  7.  Project management – Assisting with all aspects of managing project work plans and project logistics

In addition, you will have an opportunity to participate in our internal non-client work as well, including product development, marketing, and sales.

We’re seeking an intern who can meet most, if not all, of the qualifications below:

  • Demonstrated skills and experience with secondary and online research
  • Excellent communication skills (esp. as rendered in slides or visuals with supporting text)
  • High proficiency in MS Office Suite (PowerPoint, Excel, and Word). Advanced Excel and PowerPoint skills are highly desired.
  • Strong technical facility, able to quickly grasp and integrate new software and cloud-based tools into workflow (e.g., Mind Maps, Asana, Nutshell CRM, Diigo, Slack, etc.). Training provided.
  • Must be able to deliver results in both unstructured and collaborative team environments

Compensation and Details

The internship duration will be for three months. The intern will be expected to engage in the internship 40 hours per week during regular business hours of 9:00 am to 5:00 pm.
Compensation is competitive and based on experience and ability.
Equipment required to conduct business on behalf of the company will be assessed during onboarding. Travel expenses on behalf of the company are fully reimbursed per company policy.

To Apply:
Contact Jessica Flood at



We’re always looking for talented individuals to join us in our pursuit to “own the unknown” — To lead and to serve where the future is at stake and knowledge is scarce. We foster an environment that encourages us all to be inquisitive and listen for understanding, challenge our own orthodoxies, advance the ideas of others and create a fun and fulfilling workplace. Inovo works collaboratively to discover, design and pursue strategic innovation opportunities and future insights to our clients.

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