How We Help Our Clients

Inovo helps clients push boundaries to create novel and feasible innovation opportunities. Our collaborative process consistently yields unexpected connections and actionable insights to

  • Interpret weak signals and identify future trends

  • Anticipate demand and identify domains of opportunity

  • Discover, develop and assess strategic opportunities

  • Navigate pockets of resistance and socialize new opportunities

  • Make proactive investment decisions that deliver real value

We help our clients excel in three key areas:

Innovation Strategy

Future Insights

Identify and read weak signals that affect your corporate and innovation strategy. Grasp the strategic implications of change in order to drive future actions.



Identify rich areas of exploration for opportunity discovery. Define opportunity portfolio architectures that focus organizational efforts.


Opportunity Creation

Opportunity Discovery

Identify numerous, promising strategic opportunities. Build opportunity portfolios that strike the right balance between “newness to the world” and “newness to the company”.


Opportunity Pursuit

Develop and launch innovative products, services and business models that are adopted by real people. Implement effective Test-and-Learn programs to quickly adapt to market changes and to speed adoption.


Knowledge Discovery

Demand Research

Dive deeper than Voice-of-the-Customer to understand the Mind-of-the-Community™ — the behaviors and motivations of the entire ecosystem including customers and all influencers of adoption.


Design Research

Discover new and emerging technological possibilities. Get past the “how it works” to leverage the full effects of technology for differentiation and competitive advantage.