Overview of the Inovo Way

Inovo Introduction

Inovo is an innovation consulting firm that has been helping companies improve their innovation capacity and results since 2001. View the introduction below to learn what that could mean for you and what makes Inovo different.

Innovation System Next Practice

An Innovation System consists of the integrated organization, operation, governance and people that insure long-term growth through successful innovation of incremental and transformational opportunities throughout a company.

Innovation Strategy Overview

An innovation strategy s a critical component of a company's overall business strategy, yet most companies don't have an explicit one. See how an innovation strategy helps your company face future uncertainty.

Opportunity Validation

Validation creates confidence that an opportunity will succeed in the world and within the company. Validation establishes evidence of value, possibility and desirability for the adopter and for the comapny itself.

Portfolio Overview

A different take on portfolio analysis that lets you 'listen' to what your portfolio is telling you about the future. See the gaps, the real value and which opportunities are truly strategic. Your innovation portfolio will never be the same.

Predictive Testing of Opportunities

An introduction to the Predictive Testing of Opportunities (PTO) service that enhances the effectiveness of your innovation efforts by predicting if an opportunity will be successful with an accuracy over twice what you now achieve.

Futuring – An Overview

Understanding plausible futures is critical for strategy and innovation efforts, but creating actionable futures is difficult. An introduction to an effective futuring methodology that has proven successful for both strategists and innovators.

Innovation Proficiencies

What does it takes to be an innovator? Can 'anyone do it' or is it ' a special talent'. Here is our take on the subject based on nearly two decades of hiring innovators and and working with innovators around the world.

Innovation Strategy – A Deep Dive

An in-depth look at what a comprehensive innovation strategy looks like . Detailed descriptions and discussion of the various components that make up an innovation strategy and pointers on how to create one.

Innovation Strategy Canvas

The Innovation Strategy Canvas illustrates the components required for a complete innovation strategy. This tool can be used to identify innovation strengths and weaknesses, opportunities and threats.