Innovation QI

This tale represents a composite account of several real client project experiences Inovo has had over the past three years. This tale is told in the first person to share the experience that we’ve seen many times, through our clients’ eyes. If you see yourself in this situation, then know that […]

At the 6th annual Strategic Innovation Summit on September 19-20, twenty individuals came together to collaborate on identifying and solving the most pressing innovation issues their companies face. Here is a glimpse of what happened at this year’s summit. Culture What are the unwritten rules that inhibit innovation in your […]

A major US company is currently in the process of getting rid of their large corporate R&D group. They are moving all of the scientists and engineers into the Business Units. Over 50 years of R&D tradition is being disrupted. What could go wrong? Looking closer at the rationale for […]

With apologies to Garrison Keillor and Lake Wobegon where ‘all the children are above average’, when it comes to innovation strategy, it’s safe to say ‘we are all below average’. An explanation is in order. A survey of innovation experts (leaders and team members of innovation groups) at 55 large […]

An innovative growth opportunity presents itself to a company. Should it be pursued? What is the likelihood of success? Despite decades of struggling with these questions, companies still find them very difficult to answer. Over the past two decades, many advances in innovation theory, processes, methods and tools have been […]

Innovation Strategy Your company has a strategy and a strategic plan and you probably go through a yearly exercise to create this year’s ‘strat plan’. So how is an innovation strategy different from a business strategy and why does it matter? Innovation strategy is simply the way companies plan their […]

“One of the most important challenges of any large and complex organization being the balancing act between low, medium and high risk projects with the portfolio. … only about 10% are truly innovative. … about 80% of the new value creation comes from the innovative launches.” – Stephen King, Portfolio […]

We always overestimate the change that will occur in the next two years and underestimate the change that will occur in the next ten. – Bill Gates Virtually every company has a strategic planning process that looks a few years out in order to align the company’s actions. Most companies […]

Your company has a business strategy. It probably also has technology, product, market and operational strategies. But does it have an innovation strategy? If your firm is like most, it does not. Surprising, since virtually every company leader acknowledges the critical role innovation plays in its growth. Many leaders set […]