Our Approach

Strategic Innovation Principles

The Inovo Group has six core principles that underlie our client’s efforts to discover and pursue strategic innovations. Strategic innovations are those that deliver value far greater than the sustaining ones. They are the innovations that create entirely new markets, new businesses and business models, and that transform an existing enterprise. By their nature, strategic innovations demand change – in a company’s leadership, in its culture, in its competencies, processes and organization – and, for this reason, they are the most difficult type of innovation to realize. Having core principles gives clients a foundation upon which to build their strategic innovation efforts.

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Innovation Framework

Inovo’s comprehensive ADOPTS™ innovation framework provides both structure and flexibility — structure in order for strategic innovation projects to be successful and flexibility in order to address each client’s specific cultural needs and innovation objectives. Our ADOPTS™ framework has proven its effectiveness in hundreds of innovation initiatives in dozens of industries; ADOPTS™ forms the heart of our collaborative efforts with clients.

Innovation Methodology

Our foundational methodology, the iterative deepening paradigm, provides the basis for all of the learning, creation, evaluation and selection that takes place throughout each innovation project. This innovation methodology is based on extensive research into how individuals and teams work — and how they work together to innovate. The iterative deepening methodology drives the process we lead clients through and informs the tools we create for them.

Our Process

We guide clients through a proven process, built upon a rigorous, flexible, effective foundation: our core strategic innovation principles, our ADOPTS™ framework and our iterative deepening paradigm. The many methods and tools we have developed over the years, and that we continually create and enhance, address the practical aspects of running an innovation initiative on-schedule and with defined deliverables. At the same time, our process strengthens the creative and inventive aspects of innovation, where the unknown and unexpected are ever-present.