The Inovo Group is an innovation consulting firm helping technology-driven companies succeed at strategic innovation. We guide clients as they create surprising and potentially disruptive innovations that use technology for differentiation and competitive advantage. As we work together, clients use our proven innovation process to discover and pursue opportunities, gain new competencies and transform business models, organizations and cultures.


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Innovation Strategy

What are plausible futures and how do we tell their stories? How do we get better at strategic innovation? Which domains should we explore for new opportunities?



Opportunity Creation

What are all the opportunities available to us? How do we choose among them? How should we pursue the chosen ones? How does our company need to adapt?



Knowledge Discovery

Who has unmet needs and desires, what are they, why do they exist? What is possible to design, which technologies matter, what effects can be achieved?


Predictive Testing of Opportunities

A new innovation service from Inovo predicts if an opportunity will be successful (or not) with an accuracy of over twice what you now achieve.

This combines Business Model Simulation™ technology from Growth Science, with the innovation assessment, research and analysis tools of Inovo.

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